A non medical support person that provides education, physical, and emotional support throughout pregnancy, labor, and the immediate postpartum.

A non medical support person that provides education and care during the postpartum period. Can include infant care support, infant feeding support, meal prep, sleep solutions, household chores, and errand running.

Yes, we cover about a 30-mile radius outside of Springfield. This includes Nixa, Ozark, Rogersville, Republic, Billings, Bolivar, and more.

If you’re not sure, just ask! Special arrangements can be made for appointments outside this radius.

No, but we can perform almost all of the same tasks as a night nurse. Feeding, changing, soothing, and offering helpful tips and tricks to get the whole family sleeping better.

Yes, we do in-home visits, and for minor issues or questions we can schedule an online meeting.

In the case of an emergency C-section, the birth doula will support you until you go into the OR. Occasionally some doctors will allow a doula into the OR with your partner but if that is not the case, the doula will be waiting to support your partner when you’re in recovery and help initiate breastfeeding if that is your preferred feeding method. In the case of a planned cesarean and the doctor will not allow the birth doula into the OR, the funds paid (less the deposit) will transfer to postpartum doula services.

Our birth doula plans with both parents before birth to provide the partner with education about relaxation techniques and comfort measures for them to use during birth. The birth doula often spends as much time caring for the partner as the birthing parent.

Yes, we offer screenings for all of our clients, and our postpartum doula is well versed in providing doula support for mental health. Practical care like sleep help, household chores, meal prep, assistance in talking with care providers, evidence based information about medication and breastfeeding, and a compassionate ear to listen.

Each pregnancy and body is different, and the yoga we provide is customized for your needs both physically and mentally. Practicing in your home environment allows you to relax fully and gain the most from your practice. It also allows learning opportunities off the mat, like posture over the sink or a more supportive sleep position in your bed, as well as ways to incorporate baby in your practice.

Absolutely! All families deserve support, care, and respect. Everyone is welcome here.

Yes! Head on over to our contact page, send us an email, and we’ll get you taken care of. 

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