Walking Alongside Your Family

From the moment you know that your baby is growing, your life begins to change. You start preparing and researching all of the different birth options; epidural, unmedicated, OB, midwife. All these options can be confusing and overwhelming. At Flourish, our goal is to walk alongside your family to inform and support you in the decisions you’re making, allowing you to confidently work with your provider to create your best birth experience.

Birth Doula

We offer two prenatal visits to create a birth plan and learn comfort measure techniques. You’ll have text/phone support at your hands as soon as you sign with us and 24 hour on-call support from 38 weeks on.

Birth support is completely customized to assist you in achieving your birth goals and wishes. Your doula will be with you from active labor until your baby is born, and into the immediate postpartum to offer breastfeeding support if that is your preferred feeding method. Birth support can be packaged with other services.

Childbirth Education Classes

Personalized childbirth education taught by Heather Guy, Certified Childbirth Educator. Build confidence in your birthing ability, understand the process of labor and delivery, learn physical and emotional coping techniques, and explore your labor and birth options.